Different Types and Finishes of Paint

Painting can be confusing. There can be quite a lot of different types to choose from. There’s eggshell, silk, satin, etc.  And you thought they were only terms for cloths and textile. This guide helps remove a portion of the riddle.   

Nowadays, there have never been more paint types available, each with their specific use. We made a list to help you know what type to use where.  



This type alone comes in different forms. Use gloss paint for both exterior and interior woodworkGloss paints in with a solvent base is hard-wearing and intended for use on wood and metal. The only drawbacks are that it has an odor and that it will take as long as 24 hours to dry.  

On the other hand, gloss paints whose base is water dry substantially more rapidly. The difference they have from solvent-based paints is that they’re less glossy and only has a subtle sheenBrush imprints will be clearer than on traditional gloss paints (solvent-based)but compared to it, water-based paint is anything but difficult to apply, dries rapidly and only leaves a little smell.  


  1. Fluid Gloss  

This type offers a high gloss finish but will need the help of base coat. It is hardwearing and impervious to dirtYou have to leave it overnight though before applying a second coat.  

      2. Once Gloss  

If the name isn’t obvious, this type will only need one coat. It does not require an undercoat whenever painted over an already existing current painted surface.  

     3. Satinwood  

Compared to traditional gloss paints, satinwood is not as glossy and hard-wearing. But it still has a solid sheen and is good-wearing.   

     4. Eggshell  

This type gives a lower level of reflectivity and shine. It is flat but not totally matte.  




Emulsion is a water-based paint. It is added with vinyl or acrylic saps in order to make the finish hardwearing. Different amounts will lead to different degrees of shine. By and large, the shinier the finish, the stronger the paint will be. Use it on interior ceilings and walls.  


    5. Matt 

This type is getting more and more popular. Matt offers a no-shine finish or commonly called matte. It doesn’t wear just as good the glossier emulsions. However, the newest formulations are now stronger.  

   6. Glossy silk  

Compared to matt, this finish is not totally free from reflects and has a sheen compared to a shine. It also wears harder than matt. 

   7. Silk  

Silk offers the highest sheen of them all and is the most long and hard wearing. It is perfect ihumid zones. 


Before applying a fresh coat of paint on a new surface, a primer is needed. What is a primer? 

A primer is the first coat of paint. It can either be oil-based or water-based. It is utilized to seal surfaces that have no paint yet. This is done before the first coat of paint is applied. There are primers specifically for wood, metal, and other surfaces. There is also a multipurpose primer. 


Paints can be overwhelming. If you need a surface painted, then Sunbelt painting services can help you. 


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