Easy Tips to Achieve the Best Pool Party Ever

During summertime, we sometimes want to indulge in cold spring or pool. Indeed, doing so is one of the best ways to cool off in the summer, especially if there’s a special day that has to be celebrated. Pool parties could be exciting and fun. However, it is also overwhelming since there are so many things you have to do as a party host. But wait! Worry no more since, for this article, we will be providing the following simple tips you must do to achieve the best pool party ever. 

Guarantee that your pool is ready and well-functioning 

One or two weeks before your party, you need to check everything in your pool, like filter, jets, and lights. Make sure that you adjust the chlorine and pH levels of your pool and take note that the ideal chlorine residual is 3.0. An hour before the party starts, try to skim the pool to remove excess debris. Moreover, observe around the pool area and check if there’s any potential trip hazard such as excess furniture or patio, which is needed to be moved from the deck of the pool for guests to easily access the pool.  

Prepare your fun games 

You should prepare several exciting and fun pool party games to allow the kids to get involved in your gathering. Since kids probably love to hop in and out of the pool, you can provide water games for the kids and everybody to enjoy. Fun pool party games you can use include volleyball, treasure hunt, sharks and dolphins, Marco polo, and so much more. Adding a few pool accessories is also a great idea, like inflatable slides, bounce house, beach balls, rings, and floats. 

Prepare special drinks and food  

Playing and swimming in the pool would certainly leave everyone hungry for delicious treats. Prepare a menu full of the usual pool party foods such as pretzels, guacamole, watermelon slices, and popsicles. If you like to offer more food, then you can grill some hotdogs, barbeque, and burgers. While delicious snacks are the best. Your guests would totally appreciate if you have prepared refreshing drinks for them under the summer heat. 

Turn your speakers up 

Incorporating music to a pool party is probably one of the greatest ways to boost the mood of a party and make a festive and fun atmosphere. You can choose a different playlist according to the theme of your party. You can also let your visitors choose the playlist they prefer using music streaming applications, such as Spotify. However, you have to make sure that everybody can still hear each other while they chat. 

Be ready to start the party 

After all the things that you’ve prepared and considered to make your party the best, you can now enjoy and have fun at the party. You can do so once you have ensured that the music is on, drinks and food are made, games are ready, and the pool is clean. Cheers!